Barely a day goes by when we don’t hear news of an early stage SaaS business raising millions in funding. But when we see the big smiles, bold visions & eye watering amounts of money, it is easy to forget that, for these founders, the hard work is yet to come. Hidden behind the headlines is SaaS-land’s dirty little secret. That secret is that three quarters of these venture backed SaaS start-ups will fail.

Once the honeymoon stage is over, & growth begins to plateau, the terminal flaws in these businesses can begin to show. A lack of strategy. Poor…

5 Ways to ensure a successful US expansion

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In the first part of this series, we spoke about the three MUST-HAVES before a Founder should even consider an expansion to the US. In the second part, we spoke about when a Founder should consider a US expansion.

Now if you meet most of the criteria mentioned in the first two articles, then we can now focus on what it takes to make the US expansion successful. …

The Moglix journey deconstructed

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Moglix, India’s 13th unicorn, is the country’s largest B2B marketplace for industrial goods. The company has grown on the back of a flawless digital customer experience that has reimagined how business is done in one of India’s most low-tech industries.

Rahul Garg, Founder of Moglix, has not just defined a category, he has done it on his own terms, never compromising on his vision or his principles. Rahul has been an amazing partner to Jungle since the start of the Moglix journey 6 years ago.

Moglix is a business where purpose is as important as profits and they have never…

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The Jungle team has hundreds of conversations with early-stage SaaS founders each year. Future CEOs, passionate about their businesses, determined to launch the next overnight Asian unicorn.

They always have one question for us… ‘What is the value of my business?’

Here’s a secret for you. There is no magic formula. There is no complex algorithm applied behind the scenes that churn out an exact answer. Basic principles of early-stage business valuation remain true. SaaS usually enjoys very high multiples due to their rapid growth, simple scalability, strong margins & recurring revenue, but arriving at an accurate valuation during the…

5 questions every Founder should ask before a US expansion

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In Part 1 of this series, we spoke about the three MUST-HAVES before a Founder should even consider an expansion to the US. In this follow up we will outline some of the big questions you need to ask yourself before committing to this monumental move.

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How big is the TAM?

When you consider the US it is easy to assume that the Total Addressable Market (TAM) is the ultimate prize for any business. This in fact this is not always the case. …

Southeast Asia is home to the fastest-growing internet market globally with 300M+ mobile internet users and 40M+ new digital consumers added in just 2020. The region’s online retail penetration at 5% has surpassed India’s (4%) but still has so much upside for growth to reach 20% in the near future. Not surprisingly, there are thousands of consumer internet startups founded each year to capitalize on these unique and favorable market conditions.

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At Jungle we have built an enviable portfolio of consumer tech startups, most of which we had invested at a very early stage. Every year we evaluate thousands of…

India and SEA follow similar tracks in the startup ecosystem with India providing a catalyst for the development of certain segments in SEA.


Race to exit:

The key trend grabbing headlines in both regions is — exits. The more mature start-ups in both India and South-East Asia are increasingly looking at options to exit, whether through a public listing via a SPAC demerger or the traditional IPO route. A number of companies in SE Asia, such as Grab, Traveloka, Bukalapak, and all appear to be looking at SPAC options, according to media reports. …

Answer these three questions before you plan a US Expansion

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Massive scale, cutting edge innovation & eager investors. It is not surprising that most of our founders aspire to expand into the US market. But it is not a simple task. The rewards can be high but so are the risks. Many Asian start-ups have rolled the dice, come up short & their domestic businesses have suffered as a result.

The Jungle team are experts in expanding Asia-born businesses into the US market. We always encourage our founders to ask themselves the tough questions before packing their bags & heading stateside.

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Do I have sufficient capital in place?

Expanding into the US is…

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If you are awaiting a discussion on terms with your VC…Congratulations! You are only a few meetings away from securing vital growth capital. Growth capital that could transform the future of your business.

Once you have found the right investor, who is interested in your business, and you have agreed on a valuation for your business, conversations progress towards formalising the investment. Typically at this stage the VC will send over a term sheet to you. Simply put, a term sheet is a nonbinding agreement that shows the basic terms and conditions of an investment. The term sheet serves as…

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Measuring the health of early-stage Saas businesses might not be as straightforward as consumer tech businesses and can be varied depending on the type of problem you are solving. Also, no one metric can tell the whole story of the business today and it's potential tomorrow. Alice Besomi, VP Investments at Jungle Ventures, shares what investors look for in Saas businesses and the metrics which can best help answer those questions.

Alice Besomi, VP Investments, Jungle Ventures


Metric: Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) & Growth

Your MRR, & how quickly it grows month to month or quarter to quarter, is the…

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