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Southeast Asian tech companies are drawing the attention of investors around the world. As of 2020, they raised over US$8.2 billion, representing a ~4x growth as compared to 2015. This trend has continued to 2021 — regional M&A activity hit a record high of in the first half…

Southeast Asia today has taken center stage in the eyes of global investors as the world’s most promising venture capital market. With a massive untapped market of young internet users, the region appears to have moved past a key inflection point, from an emerging to a maturing tech ecosystem.



All great businesses begin with a problem that won’t go away. A problem often so deeply ingrained in a system that no one wins but everyone just accepts it. So it was with the retail industry in Indonesia. …

Barely a day goes by when we don’t hear news of an early stage SaaS business raising millions in funding. But when we see the big smiles, bold visions & eye watering amounts of money, it is easy to forget that, for these founders, the hard work is yet to…

5 Ways to ensure a successful US expansion

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In the of this series, we spoke about the three MUST-HAVES before a Founder should even consider an expansion to the US. In the , we spoke about when a Founder should consider a US expansion.

Now if you meet most of the criteria mentioned in the…

The Moglix journey deconstructed

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, India’s 13th , is the country’s largest B2B marketplace for industrial goods. The company has grown on the back of a flawless digital customer experience that has reimagined how business is done in one of India’s most low-tech industries.

, Founder of , has not just defined a…

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The team has hundreds of conversations with early-stage founders each year. Future CEOs, passionate about their businesses, determined to launch the next overnight Asian unicorn.

They always have one question for us… ‘What is the value of my business?’

Here’s a secret for you. There is no magic…

5 questions every Founder should ask before a US expansion

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In of this series, we spoke about the three MUST-HAVES before a Founder should even consider an expansion to the US. In this follow up we will outline some of the big questions you need to ask yourself before committing to this monumental move.

How big is the TAM?

Southeast Asia is home to the fastest-growing internet market globally with 300M+ mobile internet users and 40M+ new digital consumers added in just 2020. The region’s online retail penetration at 5% has surpassed India’s (4%) but still has so much upside for growth to reach 20% in the near future…

India and SEA follow similar tracks in the startup ecosystem with India providing a catalyst for the development of certain segments in SEA.

Race to exit:

The key trend grabbing headlines in both regions is — exits. The more mature start-ups in both India and South-East Asia are increasingly looking at options to…

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